I started The Static Cult Label around 2006 to provide a home for music my friends were making that I thought people should hear. I was always terrible at sending things out, and I hated selling things. This is definitely not How to Run a Record Label.

Yet (most) people patiently waited to get stuff they'd ordered, and many people sent very kind words for the label and the artists involved. As much as possible, all the money after manufacturing went to the bands on the label, but it was never a lot (and sometimes there was none at all). I still hate selling things.

Eventually it was more than I could continue to do, people waiting more than a month to receive an order would have me stressing out every day, but I still just couldn't process orders any faster. I decided to make the music on the label free wherever possible, and then offered just the packaging for sale in some cases — download the songs for free, but by the record if you want a physical thing. I'm not even sure if that was good or not. Some bands couldn't participate, because they had financially invested in their product and needed to recoup some of their money. I brought John Argetsinger on board, he brought along releases from his own Somber Atlantic label and made those free. We had quite a thing going. But still, there was something about the label that was cursed, and I couldn't identify it, but I just got tired of hauling it around.

Instead of closing up shop, I gave the entire label to John (in 2011?) and hoped he would carry it onward, or wherever it took him anyway. I told him that if he wants to kill it at any time (even right at that moment), I absolutely support that. John didn't kill it. He put out more things, and I think he's still doing the label today.

THANK YOU to everyone that supported this tiny label and the bands on it.

I'll try to put all the old free stuff up here if John isn't already doing it at the label's new home. This domain name (and this site) will expire and disappear in early 2014.

Go make something!